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A farm at 950m above sea level, as a retreat for "endurance runners". The large fields, old, tall trees all around, far behind the rugged rocks from the large mountain ranges of the Salzburger Land, the colorful flower meadow, which is under nature protection and in which rare plants and animals have their home - and in the middle of it all a farmhouse as a vacation home at the Großschlaggut.




Concept, Corporate Design, Logodesign, Webdesign, Website dev


April 2016


You just...stand still, let your eyes wander...and all the other important things suddenly become very small and unimportant. The everyday life seems to be blown away. Only a short time at this place and a pleasant feeling of having arrived at the Alpenchalet flows through you.

The design is aimed at all endurance runners out there! Organic haptics mixed with modern features perfectly embody the approximately 200 year old house.

PAge 03
PAge 05
PAge 04
PAge 06
Käth&Nanei Flyer
Käth&Nanei Flyer


During a stay in the Chalet, the guests of the house should not miss out on the pleasure of fresh and local delicacies. Therefore, products from the region were produced and packed in a uniform look. The designed labels are very minimalistic and organic. Depending on what is in the jar or packaging you can see abstract illustration of it.

Honey Jar Mock-Up – Three Jars. Blank Label
Honey Jar Mock-Up – Blank Label
Kaeth & Nanei Honig Glas - Design by Philipp Mandler
Kaeth & Nanei 100% Bio Direktsaft Packaging - Design by Philipp Mandler


Already at the beginning of this project it was clear to me that the web presence of the house must be something special. After all, it is all about conveying to people that there is nothing around. The message that has to be transported was freedom.

Therefore I worked with a lot of white space and discreet elements, such as the vertical grey stripes. To present the house in the best possible way, I installed fullscreen containers.


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