Vorwerk Icon Design

Vorwerk stands for top quality, continuity, innovation and personal contact. Their products are a part of the lives of their customers, partners and friends. However, their brand CI used to appear rather industrial and distant. We have transformed Vorwerk from a technical, sterile company into a brand that takes place in the midst of customer life – with our Icon Concept being a vital storytelling part of its CI.


Serviceplan Munich


Concepting, creating the Guide, creative approach, Illustration of the Icon Set


June 2020
Vorwerk Icons in use. Two Levels of use. Decorative & UX/Ui Icons. In this image we have an example of the use of creative icons


In order to be a part of the customer‘s life, Vorwerk must be „ergonomic“ in terms of content and form. Brand-defining attributes from the core of the company, which shape the brand in the perception were the template for our ergonomic concept, which provides an icon for each and every product and utilization. Every icon boasts joy and pride, thus turns into a brand ambassador for Vorwerk.

Vorwerk Icon Design, Thumbnail
Vorwerk Icon Design, Demonstration of Raster and Line thickness for creating the new Vorwerk Icons

Ergonomic Design

We adapt the ergonomic principle, which is based on the basics of product design, to the smallest atom of corporate design. The distinctive roundness of the products becomes a consistent design principle for all graphic elements.

Vorwerk Icons in use. Two Levels of use. Decorative & UX/Ui Icons.
Vorwerk Icons in use. Cooking Aprons Design

Semantic Approach

There are specific icons which do not require a completely new design because their meaning is universally known. For those there is a system that starts from an icon base and builds on it to cover the whole topic.

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