Gelateria Artiginale

Good ice cream can be found in almost every corner of the world. But very good and healthy ice cream in combination with a well thought-out concept is again very rare! Mount Etna is an ice cream parlor chain in Italy. The name is dedicated to the famous volcano. For the logo I had a clear picture in my mind from the beginning. It should be light, modern and have a clear look and should be highly recognizable.


Mount Etna - Gelateria

Philipp Mandler


Mount Etna - Gelateria

Concept, Corporate Design, Logo Design, Motion Design, 3D Design


Mount Etna - Gelateria

August 2018


One thing you can't miss on a hot summer day is a visit to an ice cream parlor. But as already mentioned, there are countless of them. With the new design for the Mount Etna brand the decision should be much easier for people. The main aspect for me was to present the ice cream as tasty as possible but in a more unusual way. 

For this purpose I created special animations for each ice cream which can also be found on the website. Again a combination of all the ingredients of each ice cream.

Buon appetite!


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